TinyMCE integration in CPS

Author: Marc-Aurèle Darche


1   Introduction

TinyMCE is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

This file explain briefly how this integration was done, so that everyone is able to do the integration of a new version of TinyMCE in CPS when it is available and/or when the need arises.

2   Building receipt

Steps to build:

  1. Download the lattest version of TinyMCE, let's name it tinymce_XXX.zip

  2. Install the needed files in the skins directory:

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$ cd Products/CPSDefault/skins $ rm -rf tiny_mce $ unzip tinymce_XXX.zip $ mv tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce . $ rm -rf tinymce
  1. Rename all .htm files into .htm.pt

For example:

$ cd tiny_mce
$ find -name '*.htm*' -exec mv {} {}.pt \;
  1. Then download and install some language packs (at least en, es, fr).

    The language pack files can be tedious to install if they are shipped in a tinymce_language_pack directory inside the tinymce_language_pack.zip archive. An easy solution to not have to do the merge of directories manually is to to another ZIP archive with no root container and then the unzip command will to do the merge job alone. Here is how to procede:

    $ cd /tmp
    $ unzip tinymce_language_pack.zip
    $ cd tinymce_language_pack
    $ zip -r tinymce_language_pack_ready_for_merge.zip *
    $ cd Products/CPSDefault/skins/tiny_mce
    $ unzip /tmp/tinymce_language_pack_ready_for_merge.zip

    Note : If a language pack, for your currently selected language on the portal, is missing then the TinyMCE editor won't appear. So if you have any problem with the TinyMCE not appearing, the first thing to do is to try to access your CPS portal in English.