Migrating to LDAPServerAccess objects

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1   Context

LDAPServerAccess objects are used to centralized LDAP connection and bind parameters. Existing CPS portals with LDAPBackingDirectory instances need to be upgraded.

This job can be done automatically with the dedicated upgrade step: Factorize LDAP binds in LDAP Server Access objects.

The purpose of this document is to explain what this step does and what to do with profiles.

2   Upgrade step details

The upgrade step extracts the connection and bind parameters from directory objects, stores them in LDAP Server Access objects, which in turn get referenced in the directory instances.

For a given set of parameters, only one server access will be created. Its name will be deduced from the first encountered directory with these parameters.

The upgrade step is also able to recognize pre-existing server access objects and use them.

So, if you want to decide the name of some server access object, just create it in portal_directories and fill it with the correct parameters before running the step. By correct, we mean the exact same ones as in the directories to migrate. Please note also that it's very likely that you won't be able to read them from the Properties tab of these directories after the server has been restarted with the new code, but you can still see them in the Introspection tab if ZMInstropection is installed.

3   Upgrade your profiles

If your directory configuration is maintained through a profile, please take care to remove the following properties for CPS LDAP Backing Directory objects:

Alternatively, you can just use the export ZMI tab on the directories (but this dumps all properties, and you might now want that)