CPSForum - Technical Documentation

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1   Using the Module

CPSForum is a tool that enables users of a portal to post messages in forums, in threads of discussion. It also associates comments with these documents. These comments are managed as discussion threads.

2   History of the Module

The CPSForum product has existed since CPS2. It has been ported to CPS3. These initial versions are numbered 0.X.X. It was then completely refactored, and this new version is numbered 1.X.X.

Forum objects created with versions numbered 0.X.X are not compatible with those created with versions of CPSForum numbered 1.X.X.

3   Requirements for Use of the Module

CPSForum requires:

CPSForum has been tested with Zope 2.6 and Zope 2.7.

4   Installation

Uncompress the archive containing the module in the Products directory. Rename the resulting directory to "CPSForum". Restart Zope. Note that you can also obtain CPSForum from SVN at: http://svn.nuxeo.org/.

The file INSTALL in the doc/ directory of the product contains information about installation in a CPS instance. It also gives information about updating, when an earlier version of CPSForum has already been installed in your CPS instance.

5   Capabilities of the Module

Also see the documentation on the capabilities of CNCC.

There are no additional functions compared to those described to the functional capabilities described in the document by CNCC.

The README file in the doc/ of the product gives a succinct description of the capabilities, as well as how to use the module.

6   General Functionality

CPSForum objects (instances of class Forum in Forum.py) appear in folders and reside in the repository. As with other folders (Workspace, Section, ...), proxies point to the forums from the repository. A CPSForum object follows the workflows workspace_content_wf or section_content_wf respectively according to whether it resides in a workspace or a section.

The posts are CPSDocuments, which follow their own workflow (forum_post_wf). The workflow manages the work of forum moderators and the publication of messages when the forum is operating in moderated mode. A diagram (doc/forum_wf.svg) describes the workflow that is followed by posts.

As with other instances of CPSDocument, forum posts are stored in the repository and are referenced by proxies which reside in the proxy associated with the forum.

The documents in a forum are indexed and are searched during searches.

The declaration of permissions utilized by forums is done in the module CPSForumPermissions.py.

The connection between roles and permissions is established in the CPSForum installer (Extensions/install.py), and can be easily modified in a client installation of the product.

7   Comments on Documents

The comments associated with a document are stored in an object of type CPSForum as documents of type ForumPost. From a functional point of view, nothing distinguishes a standard CPSForum from a CPSForum used to store comments associated with a document. Forum objects used to comment on a document (abbreviated cforums) use the same storage mechanism: the repository with proxies that refer to them.

The proxies associated with cforums are stored in the following way:

The forum then has the same ID as the document, but is found in a special directory cached for the user (and visible there after within the ZMI).

The class CommentTool (in CommentTool.py) is used to manage the comments associated with a document, especially to establish the connection between a document and the forum with which it is associated (if it exists). That class replaces (with monkey patching) the portal_discussion object from CMF (adding some functionality).

The CPSForum class (in Forum.py) also manages callbacks on CPSSubscriptions in order to produce notifications of the creation and the publication of new posts and comments.