Author: Marc-Aurèle DARCHE
Revision: $Id$
cd /tmp
tar xvf /home/download/_packages/pax-1.0a3.tar
cd pax
../python build
../python install

cd ..
tar xvf /home/download/_packages/OpenTAL-0.5.tar
cd OpenTAL
../python build
../python install

rm -rf ./pax ./OpenTAL

Troubleshooter: OpenTAL does not install ok using python2.4, but there's a workaround to make it work: just change the evaluateText method parameters (OpenTAL/, l.191 in version 0.5) from "def evaluateText(self, expr, None=None):" to "def evaluateText(self, expr):", as python2.4 does not allow assignments to None.