CPSSkins <-> CPS3 integration.

Author: Jean-Marc Orliaguet <jmo@ita.chalmers.se>
Date: 2004-08-29
Revision: $Id$


1   Introduction

The integration between CPSSkins and CPS3 is done through CPSPortlets. CPSPortlets is a product for CPS3 that uses schemas, widgets, vocabularies and layouts to represent portlets. CPSPortlets depends on CPSSchemas and on CPSDocument so it should be possible to use CPS Portlets inside CMF/Plone with CPS4CMFPlone.

2   Definitions

A portlet is an aggregation of widgets placed on a canvas (portlet layout). The markup language used to represent the portlet is restricted to semantic tags (i.e. <em> instead of <i>, <strong> instead of <b>, etc.) and no inline style tags are used. CSS classes are allowed (e.g. class="menuselected").

Portlets are divided into two categories:

3   Import/Export of Portlets

4   RAM Cache

5   Management Screens

6   Slot Names