Workflow improvements

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[ This is an incomplete draft.]

The CPS workflows need to be improved to take into account common usage patterns regarding work delegation.

1   Use cases

  1. Delegation of responsibility for an action.

    I have to review a document before doing 'accept' but for some reason I want to delegate this to someone else. The workflow should allow me to say "delegate to someone", in which case:

    • I get to chose one or several people or groups to which work is delegated. These people are called the delegatees.
    • A choice must be made (by the system or by the user) to decide if I keep the possibility to do the action myself.
    • If the delegatees consist of several people, I must be able to specify that any person among them has to do the work, or all of them.
    • It must be possible for CPSSubscriptions to send a notification to the delegatees to tell them that they have a possible action.
    • Any delegatee now has the ability to 'accept' an action on the document.
    • It must be possible for CPSSubscriptions to inform all other delegatees and me that the action was performed.
  2. Delegation with return back up the hierarchy after actions are done.

    I review and validate a document, and pass it to the next people in the workflow, but I want to check it back when all their work has been done.


  3. XXX

2   Technical details

A transition where an action delegation is allowed must have an additional flag and parameters specifying what kind of delegation is possible.

If a delegation is possible:

If a delegation is in effect:

When a delegated action is done by a delegatee: