Accesskeys in CPS

Author: Marc-Aurèle DARCHE
Revision: $Id$


Accesskeys are used to improve CPS accessibility. This is a required feature in order to be W3C WAI compliant.


The accesskeys in CPS are defined dynamically in a vocabulary.

If you want to change them just modify/edit the portal_vocabularies/accesskeys vocabulary.

The "accesskeys" vocabulary is a kind of dictionary, or hash table, that has the accesskeys as keys and paths as values. For each key there is matching i18n label (msgid) that is used to display the meaning of the accesskey on the dynamically generated page

The path for an accesskey in the vocabulary can start with a "/" and in this case the generated URL in the web page for this key will be the concatenation of the portal URL and this path.

If the path for an accesskey in the vocabulary does not start with a "/", the generated URL in the web page will be the path unchanged. This allows links such as


For example if you want to setup a dedicated contact page on the URL

  1. Create a "Contact" Document in the "workspaces" folder.
  2. Publish this document in the "sections" folder.
  3. Modify the value for the "7" key to be "/sections/contact".
  4. Visit the page to check that your key is described there and read the source of the web page to check that the link is correctly associated with the "7" accesskey.