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Author: Marc-Aurèle DARCHE
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By default, CPS uses a classical folder introspection to provide navigation among folders. This is fine for most portals. But when a portal has folders heavily populated and/or populated with large objects (for example for some configurations > 10M) the time for returning the folder contents increases.

This is why CPS also ships a catalog navigation.

To switch the catalog navigation on or off, CPS has an option in the Properties tab of the portal: Use catalog for folder navigation. There is no risk to switch it on to test if it's worthy or not for a given portal.


The code providing the catalog navigation is in the methods getCatalogFolderContents and reindexFolderContentPositions located in the following files


Advantages and disadvantages


  • Catalog navigation returns a folder contents in less time than a folder introspection does when the folder is heavily populated and/or populated with very large objects. This is because with catalog queries the objects don't have to be retrieved, the navigation only retrieves and works on catalog brains.


  • Catalog navigation takes a minimal time to perform a catalog query (for example for some configurations around 1 second). When the catalog used is CPSLuceneCatalog, the minimal time raises a bit (for example for some configurations around 2 seconds). So catalog navigation is overkill for little populated folders.

  • Catalog navigation is costly when in a directory, one puts for example the last document at the top of the others. Reordering some folder contents in such a way reindex the attribute position_in_container of all the documents at the top of the one that is being moved. And when the catalog used is CPSLuceneCatalog, the reindexing is always done on all the attributes of the concerned documents because CPSLuceneCatalog/NXLucene doesn't know how to reindex only the impacted attribute in this case/the current state of the code.

  • Due to the performance impact of reindexing the folder content positions, only the 100 hundred first documents are reindexed.

  • Catalog navigation is not fully tested and validated with multilingual sites

    Ticket #866: CatalogNavigation does not work with i18n