A note on portability

Author: Jean-Marc Orliaguet <jmo@ita.chalmers.se>
Revision: $Id$


1   Widgets

Notes on widgets:

The CPS3 (or the Plone2) skin is installed on top of the CMF skin.

2   Page templates / python scripts

Specific implementations (CPS3/Plone) should be done in the scripts not in the page templates.

For instance we write:

with the getData.py file located in skins/cpsportlets_widgets, in skins/cpsportlets_widgets_plone2 and in skins/cpsportlets_widgets_cps3.

Instead of:

- showData.pt:
<div tal:define="data here/getCPSData" tal:content="data/title" />

2.1   i18n

i18n is compatible. Use Localizer (not for a long time) if Localizer is present. Otherwise, the po are PlacelessTranslationService compliant.

3   CPS4CMFPlone

You'll need either to install the build package CPS4CMFPlone or either install the following:

Check the DEPENDENCIES.txt file within this product for the version after which the compatibility is OK.