CPSPortlets - portlet override (draft)

Author: Jean-Marc Orliaguet <jmo@ita.chalmers.se>
Revision: $Id$


1   Background

The portlets located in a folder are by default visible in all sub-folders. It means that the amount of portlets tends to increase as one goes deeper into the site structure.

It can sometimes be useful to control the visibility of the portlets located in the parent folders.

The solution is to allow users to override portlets.

2   Implementation

The implementation is based on a dialogue between the manager(s) of a given folder and the manager(s) of sub-folders:

3   Example

Portlet A1 in /workspaces               Portlet A2 in /workspaces
in SLOT1                                in SLOT1
-------------------------               -------------------------
disable_override: YES                   disable_override: NO

Portlet B in /workspaces/members/user
in SLOT1
slot_override: YES