IOBTree graph



IOBTree graphs

IOBTree graphs manage IOBTree relations. IOBTree relations are objects managing IOBTrees stroing the actual relations.

IOBTree relations

A new labeled relation can be added to an IOBtree graph.

A labeled relation holds a table with actual relations between object uids. It also knows about its inverse relation.

A labeled relation is identified by its id, and holds its inverse labeled relation id, as well as the table holding relations between objects.

The inverse labeled relation is mandatory, it is used to facilitate tables updating.

For instance, we could have the following labeled relations 'hasPart', and its inverse 'isPartOf'.

Relation 'hasPart' could hold the following table:

uid1 -> (uid2, uid3)

Relation 'isPartOf' would then hold the following table:

uid2 -> (uid1,)
uid3 -> (uid1,)

This means that object identified by uid1 has parts uid2 and uid3. Objects identified by uid2 and uid3 are parts of uid1.

uids are integers, and related objects are tuples of uids.

When a relation is added/removed from a table, the inverse table is also updated.

If another labeled relation is added to the relations tool, for instance 'hasReference' and 'isReferenceOf', we would then have 4 tables.

A labeled relation can also be its own inverse.

IOBtree relation API

The relation methods include the following features: